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Working in the public sector is rewarding and noble work. It can also be frustrating and exhausting. Constant pressure to do more with less, reacting to the demands of elected officials and residents can make you feel like you can barely catch your breath. What if you could manufacture time by investing an hour to gain six? That is a pretty good payback.

Continuous improvement may sound like something we intuitively do every day when we do our work. In reality, it's a skill learned by study and application. Whether you are the City Manager or a newly hired seasonal employee, learning the tools of continuous improvement will help you see your work processes with new eyes and remove the molasses you are swimming through by using a scientific approach to how you do your work. We suggest you start with Foundations in Performance Excellence for Government. This five-part eLearning curriculum was developed to empower you to deliver more value with less effort, freeing up your time for higher value activities.

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