Win Together® exists to enable performance excellence in local governments.

Win Together® was founded in 2020 with a single mission: to enable performance excellence in local governments. We accomplish this by redefining community engagement and building cultures of continuous improvement in government enabled by people and process.  Working together to solve problems, residents and their local governments can achieve outstanding results that sustain over time, effectively and efficiently meeting the needs of the community.

Driving Excellence Through Collaborative Engagement

We partner with local governments who have the vision and desire to create high achieving, sustainable, and resilient communities. We provide the tools and resources to help make it a reality.

Our Principles

Building Communities of Communities

We believe there is great value in learning from other local governments near and far, many of which face similar issues but have not historically had an easy way to share and learn from each other.

Redefining Community Engagement

Citizens are an underutilized resource in most local governments even though they have a shared investment in the community. Smart engagement helps alleviate local government resource constraints and builds buy-in from residents.

Developing Capabilities in People

Consulting engagements often identify problems and solutions already known by the client, and the work stops there. We measure our success on outcomes and are motivated to not only provide solutions but also build cultures of continuous improvement through intentional knowledge transfer of methods that can be used in the future.